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Idyllwild Cliffs and Peaks Image

Image taken on cliffs near the Tahquitz Peak Lookout Tower

We are lucky that we live in a land of abundant natural resources. I live locally in Idyllwild. My wife and I enjoy hiking in the local mountains. There are so many beautiful trails to take ...

I am sharing with you some of our hiking experiences. Over time, the listing will expand. The trails on this page are day hikes and climbs - all can be completed in one day. Some are easy, while others may be moderate or stenuous. Each hike listed will include a video tour of the hike. This is meant to provide you with a true sense of the experience. I have also included the .GPX files for each. This will allow you to import it into your favorite hiking GPS app and have access to the exact route map that we used.

It is my hope that you might come to love the experience of hiking the great trails of Idyllwild, as much as we do.

Happy Trails to you and yours!!

Idyllwild, California

All of the videos and GPX files (below) were created and obtained using the FREE Relive phone app. Go HERE to get yours, and start recording your hiking experiences as well!

Black Mountain Trail (to Lookout Tower) -  VIDEO - GPX File
7.6 miles - 2,697 ft. elevation gain

Devil's Slide (to PCT Junction to Strawberry Creek Junction to Suicide Rock Junction) Loop -    VIDEO - GPX File
11.2 miles - 3,412 ft. elevation gain

Devil's Slide (to cliffs near Lookout Tower) -    VIDEO - GPX File
8 miles - 2,352 ft. elevation gain

Devil's Slide (to Saddle Junction to Tahquitz Lookout to PCT to Skunk Cabbage) - VIDEO - GPX File
10.3 miles - 2,762 ft. elevation gain

Devil's Slide (to Saddle Junction to Tahquitz Lookout to South Ridge to Ernie Maxwell) Loop Trail - VIDEO - GPX File
12 miles - 3,438 ft. elevation gain

Devil's Slide (to Willow Creek Trail to Palm Spring Tram) - VIDEO - GPX File
15.9 miles - 4,094 ft. elevation gain

Ernie Maxwell Trail - VIDEO - GPX File
5.6 miles - 1,299 ft. elevation gain

Mt. San Jacinto Peak - VIDEO - GPX File
15.6 miles - 4,475 ft. elevation gain

Pride Rock (Idyllwild)  - VIDEO - GPX File
11.2 miles - 2,959 ft. elevation gain

South Ridge Trail - VIDEO - GPX File
8.3 miles - 3,107 ft. elevation gain

Suicide Rock Family Climb - VIDEO - GPX File
4.9 miles - 1,972 ft. elevation gain

Tahquitz Rock Hike/Climb - VIDEO - GPX File
6.4 miles - 2,697 ft. elevation gain

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